Principes généraux des extranets

Our Extranets aim to facilitate the sharing of experience, information and know-how among local government managers. They bring together 8,000 permanent users, 15,000 surveys and 8,000 documents provided by local governments.

Is your local government implementing new measures, launching a new project, or a procurement process? By posting a survey on the network, you can benefit from the replies other local governements willing to share their experience on the subject.

All departments of the adherent local governments have their own email alerts, allowing them to easily consult the results of the surveys they are interested in. They have access codes allowing them to consult, archive (or subscribe to) the results of surveys, decrees and/or noteworthy documents, or even to have a look at the database of local public services charges and fees.

Partager la gestion locale

With an experience of more than 20 years, CONJUGUER creates and manages web network projects based on technical solutions but also on specialised know-how to build and host groups of users in order to assure their development. CONJUGUER hosts the Extranets, coordinates the exchanges of experience and helps users to search and collect information.

CONJUGUER created three Extranets :

  • Extranet for Large Cities
  • Cyberservice, the Extranet for medium-sized cities
  • Extracom, the Extranet for inter-communal entities

Several projects are ongoing in the local governement as well as in the public sector.

The range of services dedicated to the sharing of experiences is extensive:

  • Personalised broadcasting of information
  • Follow up of exchanges
  • Information-sharing database
  • Reference library of model documents
  • Management indicators tracking